A look at all five Vindictus classes

Let’s have a look at what classes are out there and yet to come…

Disclaimer: Some of this is based on speculation and auto-translation of Korean articles. I may be wrong and let it be noted that I don’t speak Korean. At all 🙂

Note that classes are gender-specific (can only play female Fiona etc).


On the Korean website for the game there are five classes listed. Three of those have been already released over there, i.e. Fiona, Lann and Evie.

  1. Fiona (피오나)
  2. Lann (라시타)
  3. Evie (이비)
  4. Kai? (카이)
  5. Kalok? (카록)

1. Fiona

Ahh Fiona. Confirmed to be in Vindictus from the start, because she’s listed on the official website. She uses a sword and a shield, but can also choose to use a heavy hammer.

From a review I read by Steparu, it’s clear that if there’s any character in the game that’s considered a “tank”, it has to be Fiona. He goes on to say that the character is sort of like a paladin, but without healing skills. I suggest you take a look at the review for more info.

It’s also confirmed that Fiona’s can stun enemies or even bosses with their shield bash skill. This isn’t without consequence though; just like the rest of your armor, your shield is able to break, rendering this skill useless.

Lastly, let’s have a look at what the official website says:

A quiet beauty with a mysterious past…

Fiona is a balanced warrior who wields a sword and a shield. She values defense, so she uses her shield to protect herself during combat and then strikes strategically when enemies aren’t expecting it. She is able to wear heavy armor from the start and later learns to wear plate armor as well.

Fiona comes from the south. She treasures her privacy and boasts a solemn, serious personality, so no one knows how she came to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries. She rarely speaks about her past. Even as people marvel at her combat abilities, they can’t help but wonder what secrets she’s hiding.

2. Lann

First of all, it’s kind of strange that this character is called “Lann” in Vindictus. Since in the Korean version it’s 리시타 or li-si-ta, more likely pronounced Lethita. I’m not sure what to make of that or how to pronounce it in Korean. If any one knows, let me know! Also, is Lethita a guys’ name?

Either way, let’s be clear about it. In Vindictus, he’s called Lann.

Lann is a dual sword user. Ideal for players who like to deal a lot of damage or who like to solo a lot. You can also choose to use dual spears instead of swords, which sounds amazing. His armor looks lighter than that of Fiona.

Let’s have a look at the info we can find on the official website:

An intrepid warrior with a passion for weapons…

Lann specializes in dual-wielding weapons, especially swords. His attacks are speedy, and in the battlefield, enemies are left breathless at his seemingly non-stop whirlwind of slashes and thrusts. Because he relies on speed, Lann starts out wearing light armor. As he gets stronger, he learns how to wear heavy armor without impeding his quick movements.

Lann hails from the northwest. He left his hometown when it was destroyed by Fomors and came to Colhen to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries. He stakes his entire identy on his abilty to be victiorious in battle.

3. Evie

Beautiful Evie… Perhaps my personal favorite, this is the magic user of the game. She’s not yet listed on the official Vindictus website, so it still remains unsure if she’ll be included at release time. She wasn’t included in the Korean game at release time, but was added with an update after release. However, on the official Facebook fanpage Evie was mentioned when pictures of her and Fiona were released.

Evie seems very versatile, being able to both deal damage and heal the party. She can even resurrect members of your party, without needing an item to do so. Steparu mentioned she also has alchemy skills, I’d love to know more about these but at the moment they’re still a mystery to me.

Her weapon of choice seems to be a staff, that can be used as a melee weapon as well. The alternative weapon is a scythe. I found this concept art image of what looks to be staves on the Vindictus website:

She seems to have access to a wide range of skills. One of the first skills you get upon entering the game is a Firebolt skill, which seems very impressive.

4. Kai?

Ok, I’ll be honest, from here on it’s mostly speculation. Kai and Kalok have not been released in any version of the game so far, so the only people who hold the facts are the developers. There are no screenshots or videos about these classes.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a better look and see what we do know about them.

Let me first say that Kai (he’ll probably not be called like this in Vindictus, it’s impossible to know at this time) is a bow  user. There are numerous art images that confirm this and Korean fans also agree on this.

(Update Nov 2010: As noted by one of our readers in the comments, Kalok will be added to the game first.) It is speculated that Kai will be the first “new” character to be released, after Evie. Kai will thus be the fourth character, or class, in the game. There are some images of Kai, even on the official Vindictus website! If you go to the page of characters, you’ll see Kai on the left:

You can see him holding a bow. The armor looks impressive, but the most amazing thing about Kai seems to be his helmet. It looks very Elven and it seems to fit with the idea of a bow user. I’d love to hear more about the background story surrounding Kai but unfortunately it’s way too soon to know anything about it.

5. Kalok?

(Update Nov 2010: This article was written over six months ago. There have been newly released details on Kalok since, which you can find here.)

Let’s continue the speculation.

Kalok looks very bad ass, a giant character. Kalok will wield two-handed weapons.

What two-handed weapons? I’m not sure, but swords will be one of them (he’s pictured with a sword). Also, I’ve read about hammers & pole arms. Perhaps there will be more?

This is thought to be an image of Kalok:

The type of helmet is once again unique for the character. Note that Kalok will probably only use two-handed weapons, the “shield” on his arm is probably not a real shield and more likely part of his armor.


That’s it so far. It’s unclear how many classes will be available at the launch of the game. But with constant updates, we’ll eventually have access to (at least) five unique and versatile classes.

Please post if corrections need to be made or if you’re also a Vindictus fan and this cleared things up for you.

— Koboksu.


21 Responses to A look at all five Vindictus classes

  1. Bastillian says:

    Hey, great article, saw the link over at vindictus.us and now I’m bookmark this site 🙂

    I’ve been following the game for some time and even have a korean nexon account, but the proxies are killing me lol. It’s impossible to find a working one that ISN’T blocked.

    Anyway, keep up the good work bro!

    • koboksu says:

      Hi Bastillian. Thanks, I appreciate it.

      And yes, using proxies is always a bit of a hassle. Usually when you’ve found a good one, it’ll suddenly stop working after a few days…

  2. Bastillian says:

    If you dont mind me asking….is this an official site? are you gonna keep updating it with the lastest news or are you just blog what interest you?

    • koboksu says:

      I just write on what info I find and when I feel like posting something. And no, this is not an official site at all, I’m just a fan of the game like you.

      But if there’s news about the game that comes out, I’ll probably post about it, especially since now there isn’t that much info about the game yet.

      Hope that kinda answers your question 🙂

  3. Gerudon says:

    Great article, man. It’s hard(at least for me)to find a place where I can get some answers about this game. Very awesome.

  4. Bloodfist says:

    Yeah good article. Im already playing the game and so far love it! Cant wait for the two handed wielding character, looks like a beast.

  5. Kanon says:

    Kai is 5th; Karok or Kalok is 4th. We know this because Kalok is planned to come out. Kai isn’t.

    • koboksu says:

      Yea, you’re absolutely right Kanon. At the time I wrote this, it wasn’t really sure yet though and speculation at that time was that Kai would come first. Guess they will implement the bow user last!

  6. Vawn says:

    Karoks stupid he’s wields a pillar, but is still bad-ass because he can through it and then fist fight. Heres a video.

    • koboksu says:

      Hi Vawn. Thanks for stopping by and posting the vid. Haven’t had the time to make a post with the newly released Kalok footage.

      I think the fact that he swings pillars as a weapon is pretty original, didn’t see that coming. Also, if he’s anything like the other Vindictus classes, he’ll have an alternative weapon later on, possibly.

  7. VindictusFan says:

    OH SHIT, that video was intense..How many people except for Chuck Norris can say they WON an arm wrestle match with a giant polar bear? Only Karok..only Karok.

  8. TPK says:

    I know this articale was written a while back, but you notice how lann’s voices differ from korean and the american version, I’d much rather prefer the korean voice because the american one sounds a little childish. Again, it’s just a preference, maybe it’ll be changed later? Just thought I’d get it out there.

  9. HyunJae Naru says:

    Im not korean but from what im reading and what ive learned in Korean , Lanns original name would sound like Rishita (RE-She-ta)

    Also Kalok is Karok because the R/l letter in korean is only an L when its at the bottom or the last letter in a character compund

  10. jtthomas says:

    Lann means Blade in gaelic, all of the names in this game are gaelic which is awesome because i’m scotch irish 😀

  11. riley says:

    omfg!!!!!!!!!!! kalok is awesome and i didnt think i would get this much info about all the classes so nice artical dude.

  12. dj-kailiswiss says:

    i hope this game catches up with maplestory as by the the time this gets everything this game will bomb

  13. name says:


  14. Tito says:

    I want kai too so badly.:(

  15. timendo says:

    Kai trailer out, he’s official and coming sometime soon I would presume.

  16. HalexalaMoon says:

    i heard something about kai coming out in march 13th. im not sure its offical, but it gives a pretty good idea of how soon he’ll be released.

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